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Ohio Women’s Health Physical Therapy

By Laura Briedis

It is only fitting that a mother of two young children and soon-to-be surrogate mother created a physical therapy practice focused on putting women’s health first.

Dr. Susan Facemire opened Ohio Women’s Health Physical Therapy in 2020 to help other women who have conditions ranging from chronic pelvic pain to urinary incontinence and other bladder and bowel issues.

“I have a passion for treating women during their childbearing years, especially in those times of pregnancy and postpartum,” she says.

In partnership with the team of functional medicine doctors at Practical Healing Center, Dr. Facemire treats patients in her Wadsworth office or offers in-home therapy services.

Housed in the loft of the Marigold Wellness Collective on Sharon Circle, this niche physical therapy practice aligns perfectly with all of the other businesses here, from chiropractic care to a wellness café to a holistic salon and spa.

To make it convenient for all of her patients, Dr. Facemire also offers in-home therapy.

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