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What to expect with Practical Pregnancy Solutions.

Welcome 2023! I am so excited to see what is to come this year. Over the last year, I have been working on developing a program specifically geared towards pregnancy and navigating through this special time. So if you recently found out you are pregnant, congratulations and keep reading! If you are trying to conceive and come across this, I highly recommend reading through options and bookmarking for the future! 


Okay lets dive in.  First off let me start by saying how excited I am for you. Whether this is your first or your sixth pregnancy, you will come to realize how changing this time in your life is. Which is why I developed this program to be with you along the way. 


I am a huge advocate for understanding the “why” behind what we teach and do in therapy and in wellness. I am not here to just tell you what to do but here to help you navigate this journey as a partner. 


Some of the questions I get during pregnancy relate to what is or isn’t normal and what you should and should not do. While every pregnancy is different, there are some general guidelines that we are able to follow in order to have a healthy and pain free pregnancy, efficient and empowered labor and delivery and optimal recovery postpartum. 


Throughout my time I have gone through many of the topics discussed in this workbook on a one on one basis with my clients during pregnancy, but I wanted to develop something tangible that I could share with them (and with you!) and that is where the Practical Pregnancy Solutions workbook was born. Part education, part real life application, part journal. This is what you will get with the Practical Pregnancy Solutions. 


As a pelvic floor therapist, I have been able to put together information on typical physiological changes by each trimester and what to expect physically. As certified pre and postnatal coach, I am able to provide simple and effective workouts that complement instead work against your pregnancy by changing every 3-4 weeks. Combining my knowledge of the two helps to guide you as an individual towards your best pregnancy possible. 


Having the right support system during (and after) pregnancy is so vital and so under utilized in our society. Which is why I wanted to pair the workbook with a hands on component. In the Practical Pregnancy Solutions program you get 4- one on one sessions (60-75 minutes each) typically during a part of each trimester and then one ideally between 2-4 weeks after delivery. Also included are 2 virtual sessions as well as discounts on stand alone sessions if needed. **If you are further along, visits will be modified based on individual circumstances. 

As a bonus, when you sign up for the program, you will also receive a hard copy of the Practical Pregnancy Solutions workbook and journal. 

Over the next few blog posts, we will be diving into some trimester specific topics so stay tuned, but if you are interested in learning more about our Practical Pregnancy Solutions now click here to set up a complimentary curiosity call.